Shipping agent holding my package hostage

Hi everyone!

Im having a lot of difficulty with my freight forwarding agent who is holding my package hostage at the moment.

Basically I contacted a top rated freight forwarding agent, agreed to a low price per kg to be shipped to my country (relatively small) and then I started sending my small packages from my suppliers to them.

The original agent (agent 1) apparently quit half through that process and I was assigned a new one (agent 2). Once all my items were shipped to the agent, they confirmed everything but then gave me a new more expensive price and said the original price could not be honoured because of fuel increases. I asked other agents and they were able to offer me a similar price to my original. Unfortunately, agent 2 now says I have to pay a warehouse fee if i wish to send it to the new agent (this is now an unfeasible option because the fee is so high and basically the cost of shipping anyways).

Now I have been assigned another agent (agent 3) because apparently agent 2 has quit as well. Now, this agent is refusing to send my items even though i finally agreed to just pay the higher shipping cost (as there seems to be no other options) as they are afraid I will leave a bad review and it will affect their pay. This is apparently agent 3's first job.

I understand agent 3 has been thrown to deal with the negative outcome of the previous agents but I dont know how to get them to just ship my packages without them bringing up negative reviews. Even though I keep saying I never brought up leaving anything negative and would leave positive about the agents.

They have given two options:

1). Pay through Alipay (which i dont have so they said to pay through another supplier who will pay them in RMB and I pay the supplier in the equivalent exchange rate)

2). I find another shipping agent (but i have to pay the exorbitant warehouse fee)

Please help and share your experience on how I can resolve this ASAP and get my packages into my hands.

Thanks so much Im so stressed I appreciate all replies.

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