What to expect from an SEO consultant?

A company contacted me to offer SEO services – they got my details because they bought a company that I had previously bought some SEO services from, so it wasn't completely unsolicited. They are confident that they can help me get a better ranking and more traffic and they claim that better traffic definitely will lead to more sales and better profitability. They present themselves as interested in serious results and long-term customer relationships. The company has existed for about a year and when I google them I can find what looks like some websites that they have built (they offer that service too) but I haven't managed to track down any reviews or anyone who has worked with them on SEO. They are on LinkedIn with about 10 employees.

They have given me a contract to sign, but it seems very sparse and vague to me. It's like 5 pages but all it actually does is specify a startup fee and a monthly fee, and it says that they will "work towards the KPI discussed with the client, ie, achieving sales of more than $X/month" (about 2 x my current sales). The contract is for 12 months but I have the right to terminate it after 3 months if I choose. I will do the copywriting myself according to their instructions, as I have a background in that, so there's no content production included.

It would cost me about $700 per month to begin with and if I continue beyond 3 months, about $400 per month. It's not a lot if they can do what they say they can, but it's a lot to spend on nothing.

I feel that the contract requires more trust on my side than on theirs. "Working towards" doesn't mean anything, it can't be disproven. If they are so confident in their abilities – and I do believe there is probably some low-hanging fruit to pick with my website – why can't they commit to specific results?

However I'm not very experienced with these kinds of services and I have no idea what the norm is for contracts in this industry.

I'd love some opinions. Does any of this seem like a red flag to you? Would you give it a chance? Can you give me any tips of how the contract can be improved, from my POV?

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