Facebook Marketplace – advise?


So, I'd noticed a couple of people on here saying the FB marketplace was working for them, so I gave it a go today, and was surprised already to have had a few enquiries on the first product I put up

Of the 4 people who've enquired, they all want the item delivered, which is fine. I posted a link to our website so they can pay but also gave them the option to just transfer money via paypal and message me with the address.

After that though, the conversation just seems to stop.

Am I missing something, they're messaging to confirm the size they want is in stock (it is), when I link to our site or send paypal link, they just seem to stop messaging.

Do buyers on FB marketplace not like dealing with companies or something? Do they only want to buy from private sellers?

For anyone using it, what's the best way to transact with buyers on Marketplace? I've checked FB website and apparently FB shipping and checkout isn't available in my area


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