How much of your banking/bookkeeping/accounting has been automated?

Lately, I have been reading a lot online about how there seems to be many solutions for banking/bookkeeping/accounting.

For example, there are online/digital banks such as Novo. These banks connect with your ecommerce store sites, such as eBay or Etsy. Thereafter, when your store starts making sales and getting orders and invoices, you can connect to something like A2x that transfer all relevant data to your choice of accounting service. If you receive PDF copies for incoming invoices/receipts in your email, you can create a zap on Zapify that utilizes to parse documents and also do something crazy like directly posting entries to QuickBooks.

There seems to be apps for everything and they are supposed to be all integrated/connected to each other. Only if the technology works seamlessly as claimed, it would be quite amazing to see. And it's something I'd like to experiment with myself. But, I don't have a test business client data to work with at the moment.

Now, I understand that, as business owners, you guys may be more interested in running the business and not this aspect. ( I come from more of accounting/bookkeeping background.)

But, I was wondering how many of you have implemented such services and to what extent.

Could you share your experiences?

Thank you.

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