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Hi guys, I saw some ecommerce scams selling stuff like generator or tv for 100$ instead of 1000$.

Someone I know bought it and never received it and I read about it online, on paypal forum and other places. It seems like these type of fraud/scams are there since a few years.

I was wondering. How do they do to still use Paypal or other payment provider without getting stop?

And why they don’t get caught?

Does credit cards just refund people without doing investigation.

Some website are evident for people used to ecommerce to see that it’s not legit but for older people it isn’t always. I’ve told them to look the Url and compare with the real brand but still. To be careful.


(Btw. I don’t want to know to fraud if it looks like that, I just really don’t understand, since I had an e-comm and some payment was on hold when I had longer shipping time for covid… so I don’t understand how it’s possible they do if it’s stealing).

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