Ecwid Alternatives?

I'm managing a business where we sell fire extinguishers in our country. I've got everything set up, from the website to the Facebook page, contacts, emails, etc. This was my original design for my shop, then I decided to use a service for an easier way to add future products (cause I had to manually use Nicepage, add text, and stuff).

I found Ecwid, an eCommerce service online. It works to my expectations, but it has its limits. I don't want to subscribe for $15/month just so I can have an add-to-cart and product lists. I need an Ecwid alternative with preferably unlimited products (20 is fine), the shop is embeddable to the website through HTML, account management for our customers, send an email saying confirming the order, all for free.

Here's the current website: lonk. Also, feel free to give any recommendations on what I can do to improve it. I just really need a free alternative service like Ecwid, but with a 16 or more product limit.


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