How do I grow/scale my clothing brand? On both Instagram and in sales

I’ve been running my clothing brand for around 4-5 months now and it seems that initially I’ve been growing at a fast rate just because I had very cheap hoodies, which attracted a lot of people.

Now I will pat myself on the back, for someone who has only opened shop once and has gotten 13k in revenue in 4 days. That’s not bad at all.

However I only wanted to use those cheap hoodies as social proof to show that my brand is “legit” and then steadily push the prices to become a brand with higher value instead of being like a SHEIN or ROMWE.

I started out with tiktok, I had one viral video (110k views) but that was it and now It seems like tiktok isnt working for me.

In my honest opinion it’s not like the clothes I make are bad or anything. I just feel like there’s something I’m missing.

Now the idea that I’m trying to evoke in peoples minds is that SABENCHI is not necessarily high fashion but trendy enough that you’d see a piece and would like to wear it. I want my stuff to have value, I want people mainly aged 18-24 to look at my work and say, “this is some good stuff” (although I know it’s impossible to get that). Basically an aesthetic. Like just the name itself gives off that premium feel. Maybe I should change the logo I don’t know. I have around 550 to spend in Ads for instagram, idk if it’s worth it so please give me all the advice possible to critique me and give me feedback

Thanks in advance

Here’s my page



website screenshots


Here are some stuff that I’m planning on dropping:


round neck knitted sweaters

t-shirts + others

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