Which products do I advertise and where?

I’m starting drop shipping and I’ve been doing it for 6 months but I haven’t made any money. I’ve had bad one product stores and advertising on tik tok and fb. So I finally created a niche store and it’s on gardening. The store is here. Ik the url doesn’t match but I’m gonna buy a domain soon. What I’m asking is which product should I advertise first or should I choose between a couple. I wasn’t sure which one stood out to people and I don’t have a large budget to advertise so I’m gonna start advertising just one product then go one to multiple. Also once I’m done figuring out which to advertise, do any experienced drop shippers have a good platform. My first ideas were probably Facebook and google and I didn’t know which would be the best. I was thinking maybe Facebook because a video ad of the product being showcased I think could get more sales but what do you think? I’m also going to be using bandsoffads for a video ad if I do fb. What are your opinions?

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