I invested $3k into inventory, and now have to close down my store due to finding a fulltime job. How do I approach selling all my inventory very quickly for very cheap?

Handmade Women’s Bracelets

I’ve learned my lessons. I shouldn’t have bought so much of inventory beforehand.

I had different visions and couldn’t execute the way I needed, unfortunately.

I have a fulltime job now something I really like. I didn’t know I would get this job before I invested so much into inventory.

I also have no time to grow my socials and post instagram posts, stories, reels, and tiktoks multiple times a day everyday. I am fine with closing down my store but I have a bunch of inventory I would like to get rid of first. Should I just run an Instagram/TikTok ad saying 90% off or is that sketchy? I want to approach this in the least sketchiest way, thanks!

Even if I make $300 that’s better than nothing.

Anyone ever been in this position? I definitely have to close down the store because of no time but if I can somehow get rid of all the inventory I have that’ll be great.


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