Low value, add on products.

Setting up our liquidation store online and had an idea to clear out some lower value items.

Because shipping is Canada is ridiculous, we are concentrating our sales in a region that allows most items to ship for around $10-$12 dollars. My plan is to charge $4.99 for shipping with free shipping over $50. Since most items sell for $20-$100 I can eat the difference in shipping since my margins are very high.

Problem is, I have a large volume of low value items that I think would sell well, but can’t figure out how to offer them. If someone were to purchase just one, I would lose money with shipping.

I am sure it’s best to keep things simple so I don’t want to over complicate things by adding too many rules. Has anyone ever setup “add on” items like Amazon used to do. Where you had to have a minimum purchase to be eligible to buy them ?

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