Lots of traffic but no conversions?

I’ve been trying to figure out why my conversion is low. So far I’ve gotten over 1k visitors to my site since I launched 7 days ago (average 200-300 a day), traffic coming mostly from Facebook and Instagram ads…but I’ve only gotten 1 sale, 18 add to carts and only 1 email subscriber. My industry is saturated – Jewelry, so I know it’s competitive.

I tried tweaking my site over and over again but I feel like I’m still missing something. I downloaded a heatmap app and most people are dropping off after about 15-30 sec scrolling through the homepage, nothing else. It could be my quality of traffic so I have to tweak ads some more (still learning this😅). I haven’t tried SEO yet but that’s next on my list. Orrrr something about my site is throwing them off. Please feel free to critique. However I do have people clicking through my items but never add to cart

Link below:

I appreciate any/all advice and recommendations!!

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