Because of high shipping costs in Canada should I also do Amazon FBA alongside my Shopify store?

I started a small business called West Coast Gadgets where i sell outdoor gear and gadgets, but had to put things on pause this last year. I'm back now and redid my shopify store to a point that is a major upgrade from my last design. I was looking at Canadian shipping costs and they are petty outrageous and I would be losing a ton on shipping alone. I thought maybe Amazon FBA might be an option because of their prime shipping and lower costs.

For example one of my products is a sleeping bag that is 18x9x9 inches and weighs 3 Ibs. I looked at Canada Post, Purolator, and UPS and the cheapest was Canada post at $30, Purolator was 2nd at $53, and UPS was $83 all of which are way higher than I hoped…. What are some possibly suggestions when shipping in Canada? Is Amazon FBA a good option? I also am a photographer and videographer so I can do good photos and videos of my products if that helps when creating postings on Amazon.

Any possible suggestions would be appreciated.

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