So i clicked an ad in IG. Just got DMd with an offer that reads as below… if they're this good as a business what do they need me for????

"Based on our experience from working with hundreds of clients, the more control we have the better and faster are the results that we achieve!"

"In our full automation package every step of the business is done by our team to avoid any unnecessary risks involved, finding a winner and scaling your store to 6 figures in shortest time possible!"

"Our strategy is a result of years of experience and numerous stores that have been scaled to 6 and 7 figures and that same strategy will be applied on your store as well. When we say full automation we mean full automation!"

"Professional store creation and optimisation from the ground up, product research, ad campaigns, copywriting, video creation, order fulfilment, customer care…" "We do it all!"

"Sounds good?"

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