What would be your approach: Dropshipping ecological products in a country that loves to pay with cash, not card and prefers 2 day delivery

These four elements – dropshipping, ecological products (i.e. limiting plastic), tolerating 2-day delivery at most and paying with hard cash seem like they'd bankrupt even the biggest marketing genius. Yet these are probably the four biggest issues I would face if I were to go down this road.

To offset all of that at least to an extent, I am planning to build:

1. a unique non-generic brand with heavy emphasis on friendly, cute graphics (shopify will be a limiting factor in making my shop as unique as I'd like to) and UX (I expect some issues with shopify here too)

2. custom loyalty programs that would allow for retention and on-boarding new customers:

a) earning points by buying (the more ecological product the better)

b) earning points by learning from environmentally educational blog posts and answering tests afterwards

c) using the points to upgrade loyalty "tiers"

d) referral and other loyalty programs

3. putting emphasis on "buy it for life" quality and long-time proven products (this will definitely limit my dropshipping ability for certain products and I expect a long list of failures trying to find adequate suppliers)

4. listing domestic and neighboring country products supporting local producers (yet another issue major for dropshipping imo)

I am in the process of creating a brand, a company and a website that will hopefully make any supplier be willing to dropship for me. I do NOT want to be limited to my native country only, but I'd like it to be my first country of focus.

What would you do if you found yourself in my (at least a bit) unique situation? I understand I am limiting myself by focusing on ecological products only/mostly, but I have a good reason and a vision behind it, and I hope this niche will help me become successful and onboard smart people later on, because I'd feel great if I could supply people with products that don't break down because of UV rays, or break down within 2 years of buying, and end up being a toxic leach in a landfill. Plastic products included.

Which leads me to another thing: most dropshipping is about using alibaba and aliexpress. And there's a crapton of plastic products there that are plastic and do not last long. Finding actual ecological products there will be a tough nut to crack but I am going to hunt there once I am done building everything. This definitely maximizes margin company would receive, but it kind of goes against my vision and company's "morale codex". What do you think?

Thanks in advance for participating, I am willing to learn in every single way:)

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