Well established open source headless solutions

For traditional ecommerce, we have WooCommerce and Magento as well established free open-source solutions, that work reasonably well.

For headless ecommerce, what are the equivalent solutions, or the most established?

I've just learned about “Commerce Layer”, which costs $0.90 per order. It seems a good cost-benefit if your currency is USD. But for a business in Brazil, where the USD is above 5 BRL, it's a LOT.

For example, if I sell wine, my average order would be BRL 100, so the platform would cost 5%+ of revenues! For me that's insane, totally unjustifiable to pay for just a software API.

Is there a free or cheaper solution that works well and is probably gonna be here for the next 5 years?

I would love to find a good managed backend solution that cost around BRL 1.00 per order which is ~USD 0.20. To me that would be the fair price for a Brazilian company.

Thanks if you've read this.

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