How I Used Google Shopping Ads To Make $2.4M In Sales With Ecommerce

Dominating with Google Shopping ads doesn't have to be hard. ⚡️

In fact, real success with Shopping ads boils down to these three things:

#1) Image

#2) Price

#3) Title

Lets discuss each one in detail.

– Image

Most eCommerce store owners fail to realize just how important having the right image is.

But they just throw something up their suppliers provided them without giving a second thought on how customers will interact with it. Without a single regard to competitors.

The reality is; Google ads is a search based platform. A platform where your competitors rank side-by-side with you.

And if you don't want to compete based on price and enjoy low profits, you need to stand out.

This is where the image comes in.

I keep things simple for my eCommerce brands as well as for clients; do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

To illustrate this, lets assume that you're selling 3D printers and you notice all your competitors either have black or white colored 3D printers.

With the images, all of them are on a plain white background.

With a situation like this, there are TWO ways to stand out; by having a 3D printer that's any color besides black or white OR having an image that's the opposite of everyone else.

If you can't necessarily change your product, you can change the image. The opposite image here would be one in a lifestyle background (aka a real life background) or with someone holding it.

So while everyone else has a white background image, you come in with something completely different. Due to this, it doesn't even matter if you're #1 or #5 in shopping; you're catching people's attention and you will move up the ranks.

Along with images, you need to have pricing on point.

– Pricing
As I mentioned earlier, Google is a search based platform.

This means your customers will, unfortunately, compare you to your competitors.

But this does NOT mean you should be the cheapest. Or the most expensive.

Far from it.

Instead, you should take your top 5 competitors and make your price the average between them.

Kinda like sandwiching yourself right in the middle.

And if you have a solid image to go with this, you're already doing better than 90% of the brands out there.

But be sure to mix and match these two with the final thing; title.

– Title
Your titles don't have to be the average of your competitors nor do they have to stand out of the crowd.

In fact, they should be just interesting enough for someone to click on them but with a greater focus on SEO.

Lets be honest; your Google ads campaigns work on the power of SEO. That's how the algorithm knows what you sell and who your ideal customer is.

Help out the algorithm and have a title that not only makes your customer want to find out more, but also gives the algorithm a set of SEO keywords to rank you for.

And for that ultimate kick, combine all these three things for the perfect Shopping ad.

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