Reading stocks and cryptocurrency subreddits and then coming here, reading and watching e-commerce topics is a deja vu

tl;dr it's all "what worked for me is how you should do it, it will very likely work for you so here are my videos on what to do and a course you can pay for" while in reality no one knows anything except for knowing they have to improve their metrics and optimize processes to make everything more efficient and effective

a lot of the e-commerce videos I've come across seem to be all about "look for potential or trendy cheap shit products from China that people will use once in their life and then throw them away in the trash or until they break, slap a hefty price tag on it and bank in on the impulsive buying of an ignorant consumer"

meanwhile there are very few advice about being genuine, building a solid brand, offering solid high quality products, most of the videos are about finding a hype product that is destined to die down just like the SUPREME brand (you will not be missed), selling absurdly pathetic $5 cheap looking "EXCLUSIVE LUXURY WATCHES" for hundreds of bucks and a 50% fake "sale" slapped on top of it

does anyone have an actual, genuine person on YouTube one can follow?

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