Why do successfully shopify store owners offer courses?

Hello guys

I have been researching about shopify and e-commerce. I watch a lot of people and read about shopify. What always bugs me, is why do they create blogs, guides and youtube videos? They are/claim to be successful with their own shopify store, so why waste time creating guides for people for free and not investing that time in their store? Or why even helping people and make your own situation more worse/competitive?

I understand that they promoting their own coaching courses for profits (good money?).

I understand that not everyone wants to operate a shopify (everyone has different interests).

With all of this thoughts, I came to multiple answer:

  1. They want to make more, by selling coaching courses and expand.
  2. They are not always profitable with their shopify store.
  3. They are not profitably with their shopify store and or soon will not be.
  4. They like fame.
  5. They want to become a content creator, because it's easier, more fun and more money
  6. They like for real teaching people.
  7. There is still enough room for them to make money and will sacrifice a bit of it to reach one of the points above I have written.

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