Is spending less on FB ads a bad thing?

I am running a couple of stores, this one in particular I thought would be a winner. It is a pet product that solves a problem and the market isn’t all that saturated.

I officially launched 2.5 weeks ago and I’ve spent $10 on Facebook ads a day. I’ve made only two sales (from the same person)

The product cost 30 to 60 dollars. Should I be spending more on FB ads?

I’ve tested the product myself and I’m impressed with it (so has family and friends). I’ve worked hard on the website with all original and edited photos done professionally. I hired a TikTok influencer to post a TikTok testing my product. Used that video as a Facebook ad.

I know it’s only been 2.5 weeks but I feel like something isn’t right. What could it be?

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