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I work as an SEO specialist for a company, and one of the main challenges I've taken upon myself is to build a redirect matrix for categories or brands for our e-commerce store.

This Matrix aims to address questions of performance, how to redirect customers, and what metrics and questions need to be documented before offboarding a brand/category.

There is a multitude of guides on 301 redirects. However, I haven't found anything that relates to this project. So, in my first run of this, I'm creating a flowchart to help guide the person to take the appropriate action.

But if anyone has any materials they could link and care to write out their own steps, that would be deeply appreciated.

Here are some examples of the type of questions I'm trying to ask for this flowchart:

  • Does this brand generate more than 100 sessions a month for our website? (Y/N)
  • Does the brand name generate more than 100 searches per month? (Y/N)
  • Is this brand critical to distributors? (Y/N)
  • Does this brand generate X revenue a month(Y/N)

Any contribution is appreciated, even if its a list of helpful questions to include.



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