Specific questions about launching a Shopify store?


I've been an eBay seller that sells Pokemon card charity bundles for around two years now. My store died because I let it around 3 months ago, so I've completed rebranded with a new store, new branding, new ideas.

One thing I'd love to do is make this not only an eBay/Etsy store, but also a Shopify as well. £19 a month is no problem for me atm, but what I really DON'T want is to launch a Shopify store then have absolutely no traffic, complete waste of money per month.

My ideas for marketing and linking are:

  • Run a launch marketing campaign where I get a social media / Google Ads campaign, live at the same time as getting YouTubers to review products and then begin posting on Facebook/Linkedin/Pinterest/Twitter

I'm not stupid, I know I'll need to pay a little bit for advertising but is there any tips people can give me for beginning a completely new e-commerce store in conjunction with an eBay and Etsy?


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