Don’t work with New Media Group (Marketing agency based in Canada)

Hi everyone.

I don't know how many of you this applies to, but for those with small businesses who get emails from marketing companies wanting to run ads for you, this is important.

I was contacted by NMG years ago, and I agreed because their terms of ONLY 10% of revenue as their cost sounded really good to me at the time, as I was really afraid to go with the expensive companies that cost a few hundred or even thousand up front.

I wrote a review on their TrustPilot, which at the time of writing this is an unclaimed account. I didn't see anywhere else to write a review (let alone read any reviews for them, which is sketchy) so I figured I'd take it to Reddit and warn others + see if anyone else had a similar experience.

Here is my TrustPilot review:

If I had written this review 8 months ago, I would have probably given them 4 or 5 stars.

They worked well with me before at a 10% of revenue cost, and I saw a lot of success. In months where I would generate like 30k or more, this would add up to quite a bit that I had to pay them, which I found limited my growth potential, but that's okay. The only real complaint I had back then is there was an overall lack of communication, but I was in another country and with a 15hr time difference, I didn't care as much.

Fast forward to now, where after a huge medical issue and a lot of debt, I wasn't able to run ads for quite a few months. I worked very hard to get back on my feet, and once I finally was able to run ads again, I went back to Blair with NMG because of the success I saw before. I told him I had a 1k a month budget that needed to be adhered to, because my funds are not as disposable as before. While I recognize working with a tight budget is hard, the more I run ads the more I can grow and increase my budget, the more money they make. So it wasn't a permanent thing. They never stuck to my budget the entire time. The first month went over budget by $500+, which is 150%. I was told basically something along the lines of "you were making sales, so I thought it was okay". After this, I said 1.5k was the absolute most I could ever swing, and I didn't want this to happen again. This month I had about a week period where I was spending $100 a day, which is 3x!!!!! my budget, and all I was told was "it was just a mistake. oops sorry". Note that this was basically directly after the first issue. This caused my Facebook Ads account to get maxed out, which completely destroyed the budget plans and schedule I had put in place to MAKE SURE that I could run ads.

The entire time this was happening, I would send follow up emails or check-in emails to make sure the changes were being made, and only about half of the time would I receive a response. Typically it took me bugging them a few times before my changes were ever made, and the budget was ever adjusted.

Fast forward to yesterday, I email Blair about my concerns and ask him to (for the SECOND time) keep the budget at $55 a day for now. I tell him that I am feeling worried about the ads considering what has just happened (3x ad spend ruining my schedule and finances), and he basically tells me that I am being fussy and I am too much to deal with, so he didn't want to work with me anymore.

I feel like I was never treated with respect. The only time I felt like I mattered was months ago when I was making them a lot of money. Now that I have needs, a budget, and less wiggle room, they actually had to do their job and I guess they didn't like that.

Now, I would have given them 2 stars at least, considering the good success I saw in the past, but unfortunately they completely screwed over my other business. Since I had success with them in the past, I suggested to my other business partner (for a separate business) that we go with them, because I remember liking Blair. They changed their prices on me, but okay, whatever, they do good work, right? Wrong. The ads they ran for us linked to a competitor because he couldn't bother to read the very specific emails I wrote him. When I complained, he said something along the lines of "so many businesses have a similar name so it wasn't clear to us, and also you don't have the URL on your Facebook account" so apparently it is my fault? These are all garbage excuses anyways, because the URL was on Facebook and was in more than two of the emails I had sent him. All the information was available. If he couldn't find it, he could have asked. Instead, they guessed what the site was, and we sent a bunch of traffic directly over to a competitor. A COMPETITOR. He did refund us ONLY the ad spend sent to the competitor, not his expensive fee, but we had to fight for it.

In regards to all of this I was told that he was going through a lot and had to travel a lot. I am very understanding, and he showed me kindness when I was in the hospital, so there is no reason why I would not be kind to him in return.

None of this was ever communicated to me, and I never received any professional emails. It felt like he was always just giving me a bullshit answer to tide me over until I'd forget about my issue. If he had talked to me about ANYTHING upfront, I probably wouldn't be anywhere near as angry as I am. If he couldn't continue running my ads properly due to personal obligations, he could have just told me that upfront instead of running me around and giving me crap excuses.

TL;DR: If you are okay with only being valued as a client based on how much money you can make them, getting ignored and brushed off, having them do the bare minimum of work and say its "too much", and being blamed for any problems they cause, then work with them, you'll have a great time.

Stay away from this hack company and go with someone else.

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