Gel/Dart Blasters – Domestic Sales

Apologies if this doesn’t count as ‘ecommerce’ but would like some input on this!

I’ve noticed there’s a relatively large TikTok/YouTube trend for gel/dart blasters, mostly from suppliers in China. I’ve checked all the major selling platforms in my country (U.K.) and can’t find any sold/dispatched domestically – all are drop shipped from China with a significant markup and long shipping times.

I’m contemplating buying a bulk order of these blasters to the UK and reselling them on eBay/Amazon, hoping to capitalise on being able to dispatch with only a few days postage rather than several months. I’d potentially make English-language TikTok/YouTube shorts to promote these.

I’m new to e-commerce so am asking – what should I be aware of here? What are the likely additional costs I’ll face with import/customs/shipping?

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