Suggestions for website to integrate shopify, blog, teachable (course app) ecosystem

Hi, I'm helping a relative with her online presence. She's active on social media with a decent sized following on TikTok and IG. We're laying the groundwork to monetize the following through creating an online ecosystem that consists of a blog (for written content), a shopify store (for the niche lifestyle products) and a series of courses (either through Teachable or similar DIY course website).

These are the core components of a larger ecosystem of landing pages for lead magnets and gated content.
I'm very familiar with Shopify and use a landing-page app, but I'm not sure this is the best case for the hub of thesite because it will be more content-heavy and less ecommerce-product dependent.

I was seeing this sort of as a hub-and-spoke model with the main content rich site being wordpress with the spokes being subdomains (e.g Shopify, Teachable, ClickFunnels, etc). However, I have some concerns that managing the overall compatibility (especially in terms of aesthetics, security and SEO) between all these disparate SAAS providers. I'm also considering just using Shopify for both the content and the ecommerce product store too with a blog app, although in my experience the blog apps aren't as nice as wordpress for a creator to publish on a daily basis (although that might just be the shopify blog plugins I've used).

I'm good with tech as a user but not a developer and I want the ecosystem to be user-friendly without needing to get into the code.

What do you guys suggest for the saas architecture of such a system?

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