What is working for Organic and paid TikTok right now

TikTok is a crazy platform, this is what I am seeing work best across the board for organic and paid content (Working with several brands in the Ecom space). Some of this may be obvious but sometimes simple is best.

The first thing to note is that watch time is currently the most important aspect of TikTok. I have seen videos with insane engagement get small reach.

– Creative is by far not even close the most important aspect for organic and paid. Targeting, captions, etc. Nothing is close to as important as well creative. Obvious, but a lot of people miss this.

– Hooks need to be eye-catching, controversial or somehow generate engagement. I like to have an audible hook, a text on-screen hook, and something random in the background that might capture attention.

– Retention. This is now THE most important part of a TikTok creative. You need to stimulate long watch times. Shares, comments, and likes are not as valuable now. TikTok wants to compete with Youtube. Tell engaging stories and cut each scene with a build-up to what you are going to say next. "Mindhackz" on TikTok does this as well as anyone.

– A CLEVER call to action. It might sound obvious, but the user needs to be told what to do. It is very important. You have to be careful because TikTok will not push things like "link in bio". This will kill your reach.

Hope this was helpful, the opportunity on TikTok is really wild at the moment.

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