All-In-One Tool to Scale Ecom Store

Hey all,

I need your input!

I'm working on an online tool that any (Shopify) ecom owner can use to make their business profitable. I've built multiple ecommerce stores, read and took dozens of courses, saw hundreds of Youtube video's, worked with ad agencies, managed ads for several companies and the main pain points of 95%+ ecommerce store owners is that they find it hard to make a store profitable. There is infinite information available on the internet and it is hard to know what to follow. In 2022 everything is based on data. For every scenario there is a solution.

The goal is to bundle the most essential information into a all-in-one scale your business tool. It will generate best practices suggestions based on your current stage of your store. You could add multiple stores, set goals, use built-in calculators, get suggestions based on metrics, check steps in order to get your first sale, scale to 10k, 100k, and first $1M in sales, how to set up MVP stores to validate and scale your products.I know how difficult it is to make a business profitable and I want to solve this problem as simply as possible for e-commerce owners. There is never one right answer to solve your problem, but there are definitely best practices that consultancies, ad agencies and successfull Youtubers use.

My questions to you are:

  1. Would you use this? If not, why?
  2. What would you like to see in this tool?

The system is in it's very early stages and I'm open to any suggestions. We are here to help each other!

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