I built a new tool that ranks AliExpress products by growth instead of total orders to discover bestsellers early – Test Free

On AliExpress you can sort products by the amount of orders, but this isn't a good indicator for how popular this products are at the moment. What you really want to look at is how much the order volume changed in the last couple days and weeks. If there is an uptick in sales this can be a good indicator for an upcoming trend or an unsaturated niche.

This is why I build the site which scrapes thousands of products a day on Aliexpress to log the change for the 'Orders' metric over time. You can use it to sort products by growth descending to see which ones perform best. But it gets better, it also estimates the profit margin you can expect for every product by using the official APIs of the big ecommerce platforms. Using the descriptions and keywords of the products at aliexpress it searches for similar listings and gets the retail prices of them. It always uses a weighted average to have the most realistic estimation and to not rely on outliers.

This unique ranking method of order growth AND the estimated profit margins can help you to be miles ahead of the competition and to stop wasting time with products that don't sell or don't make much profit at all. For example you can set a minimum profit margin, sort by order growth descending and search with keywords from your niche to get exactly the products you need to make money!

And of course you can add the results to a watchlist and export them as a CSV with all titles, prices, pictures etc. to use them with Shopify or Woocommerce. I would be really happy if you would give it a try and use the free trial to take a look at what I built

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