New to e-commerce, please review my store

Hi Everyone, I'm new to e-commerce, my store in only two months selling Swimwear.

A little bit about me, I have a medical background by trade, A Respiratory Therapist and still working part time. After saving countless lives during Covid, I realized there are other things to explore so I decided open an online store which has always been my dream.

Going back to my store. Started as dropshipping but realized it's not working, so I decided inventory Google ads is activated costing 60/ day for 3months. I really need their analytics. Instagram 2/day. I had few sales on google ads, 5 abandoned carts. I'm starting to get lost within the process.

My questions

1) Is my marketing budget enough? 2) where should I spend my marketing. 3) What should I do next.

Any advice or ideas is greatly appreciated.

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