Should I switch from Squarespace to Square Online since we use Square for Retail in-store?

I work at a brick-and-mortar record store that did about 85k in-store in June. For POS we use Square Retail and are likely upgrading to Retail Plus. For Online sales we use Squarespace Basic Commerce but are looking to completely redo our website system. It seems to me like switching to Square's Performance plan would make it easier to deal with inventory, and I like that it enables sales over Instagram and Facebook. However the 3% transaction fee seems like a huge bummer since we'd be paying nearly the same premium as we do for Squarespace, which has no transaction fees.

I've found comparisons of the two platforms, but not that evaluate the benefits of using Square Online alongside Square POS/Retail

Does anyone have experience using both platforms, or using Square Online as well as Square for Retail at a brick-and mortar location?

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