What are you looking for in a freight forwarder and what’s the rate you’re paying?

I am currently in the process of importing goods and am looking at freight forwarders and what they are charging.

Something that made me kinda suspicious I guess, was that one quote stood out from the rest, as it was MUCH lower than the others. I got skeptical and didn’t go in on the offer, but it made me question if I was right in doing so, or that I might have missed out on a good cost effective offer?

What are prices you guys pay for forwarding? I am currently getting offers between $115 to $200 for a 14kg package with DDP air shipment, with the one standing out quoting $40.

I am kinda inexperienced, so it’s hard to determine whether these are fair value, or that am getting ripped off. Would love to get some insight from the more experienced guys in here.

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