Who Said Ecommerce Integrations Are Easy?

Looking for multi-channel listing software. Shopify, ebay, walmart, amazon.

Ecomdash -> Simple, too simple. Seem's like the rely on excel import/export for mass modifications. Really lacking basic features

Sellbrite -> Doesn't support ebay business policy and some odd ebay listing when UPC used.

Selleractive -> Doesn't support shopify.

Channel advisor -> I'll keep my kidney, thank you.

Requirements ->

  1. Can ignore inventory sync.
  2. Uses Shopify as the master data of truth. Or robust GUI to include and easily update data.
  3. Pulls all orders together that can push to shipstation or honestly Pirateship & can pull tracking/fullfillment back to marketplaces.

Hopes and Wishes -> Can manage shopify metafields (this isn't metadata).

Any recommendations?

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