I really, really want to find a viable alternative to Shipstation… are they really still the best option? Has anyone switched from Shipstation to other fulfillment software?

So the business I run has been with Shipstation for over a decade now. But lately they've been riddled with issues. The forced transition to their "V3 UI" has been extremely annoying, and they seem to be refusing to fix known bugs & broken processes. They had a near-perfect product, they should never have revamped their UI; there were only a few small improvements that needed to be made, and it could have been an iteration on the old interface. Instead, they've half-ruined it.

On top of this, their integration with WooCommerce, which my site is based on, does not provide live quotes and probably never will – so I have to rely on a 3rd party integration plugin which sucks in its own way (I want to display live shipping quotes to my customers because we ship internationally to many countries with different shipping costs, and because the cost of shipping is changing rapidly these days).

The straw that is breaking the camel's back is their Shipsurance package insurance solution. They used to be much better about filling insurance claims and were true to their word of bypassing USPS' broken package claims process. Now, they are requiring us to go through the entire rigmarole with USPS, while USPS has gotten even slower than they were before – so it's taken 4 months to get an insurance payout on a Priority Express package I shipped recently. Not to speak of the crazy number of hours I've had to spend dealing with USPS' broken and cumbersome claims process, which costs my company money since I or one of my employees is billing hours dealing with emails and paperwork.

I'm looking at alternatives. Shippo is conspicuous, but they require package dimensions – which might be a cost savings, but we send out a ton of small packages and figuring out package size automatically seems like a massive bear. Maybe it can be fudged somewhat? But it sounds like this would take a lot of employee time to verify package dimensions are appropriate (perhaps I'm overthinking this?)

Shipstation is really full-featured and there have been countless situations where I find I need some feature that Shipstation provides. Their search function works really well; I can filter orders by many different criteria (destination country, value, etc.); I can easily print customs forms as needed… I just worry that these other multistore solutions are going to fall short on some feature that I need but I just don't realize it since it's all there with Shipstation. But it seems like the alternatives may have finally gotten to a point of being good enough to compete with them.

There have been lots of "alternative to shipstation" threads here in the past, and it still seems like shipstation comes out on top. Has anyone out there successfully moved away from them, especially over the last 6 months since the "V3 UI" debacle?

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