How Can I Improve My Site?


I have spent around 6 months working on this site. My ads are optimized for purchase and are currently doing 0.09$ CPC (my creatives are well done, hired a model and made it look good) – I have gotten hundreds of clicks and 27 add to carts.

The main product I am promoting is this one which is getting a LOT of attention. I have a 40% off discount code which you will see in the pop-up. I've only gotten one email subscriber so far out of hundreds of clicks.

Customers get free shipping on orders over 80$. I have a brand story. We ship to North America and Europe with average shipping times of 8-18 business days and 1-3 business day processing times.

I have cover photos, checkout page is optimized – a summer sale is going on. I have a chat box.

I haven't gotten any sales yet. I need some honest feedback, what can I do to improve this site? Do I need a new theme? Do I need to add something? My ads are getting attention so I don't think anything needs to be changed there.

Let me know and I'm open to ALL criticism so be as honest as you can. I'm ready to make some changes. Thanks!

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