Compensated interview for workers of medical apparel manufacturers and/or distributors – 100€ offered – research project

If you come from the UK and work for MEDICAL APPAREL MANUFACTURERS and/or DISTRIBUTORS, feel free to contact me!

You will be asked to participate to a 30-minutes online interview and your time and effort will be compensated with 100€.

If interested, please write me an e-mail at []( (it would be better if you could also indicate your occupation and current company).

Email works best but DM is okay too.

Please, note that this is market research: we are interested in exploring the market trends of this specific trends in the UK.

Market research and research study is what we do and you can check us out on our website XYZ-Field or email me at [](

This is not a scam as we are not after your data, your money or your sensitive information.

If you feel like this could be you and are up to try something new don't be shy and hit me up!

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