Needing some advice

Hey all,

I recently acquired a ethical clothing brand, and I've improved on the original website that was given to me. Over the last two weeks I've undergone three website changes in terms of design, experience and features.

I would love to get feedback on what I've done so far, and any areas I should improve on. The biggest issue with this brand is that it was dormant for 2 years +, so sales and traffic are completely dead. I still need to improve SEO and I'm actively looking for someone who has experience in this before I launch a marketing campaign (TikTok, Instagram and Facebook)

I'm planning on rebranding by August/September as the brand name and overall direction is no longer the same from the original owners. But I can't rebrand until all existing inventory is sold and have acquired a decent flow of sales/traffic and email subscribers.

The website in question is this

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