Seriously considering purchasing one or more eCommerce/FBA brand(s) from Empire Flippers. Does anyone have experience buying off their site that could answer some questions?

I have been thinking about taking the leap for a long time. Trying to import a product and start my own brand from scratch, but I'm already in the hole for $12k just to have a patent attorney confirm the product I want to import won't infringe on any patents. Realizing that the move is to just buy an existing brand that already has traction/trademarks. Would save me time (the existing brand already likely has a following, email lists, etc) and money (if the brand I try to start from scratch fails).

I don't understand why people would "sell a golden goose" when they claim it's only a few hours per week of work to maintain, but I'm thinking of starting small, as in buying a $50,000 business to learn the process and see how the risk plays out. Does anyone have any experience buying from Empire Flippers? Or perhaps any sellers out there that could offer insight?

P.S. I have 7 years of experience selling Amazon FBA (retail arbitrage) so leaning towards staying on that path.

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