How to maximize the impact and results of a celebrity endorsement deal?

Hi, marketers of Reddit!

We just signed a celebrity endorsement deal for our e-commerce company and we're starting the one year endorsement deal in September. The celebrity is very popular, with over 15 million followers and half a million of Google search per month. We are already having some traction for the last 4 years, and we hope to leverage the celebrity's massive reach and popularity to scale even further.

The deal includes 1 Instagram post per month for 12 months, 3 Instagram stories per month for 12 months, access to the third party on Facebook ads, a photoshoot with the celebrity. It also includes the right to use the content on our e-commerce store / marketing campaigns, and PR campaigns.

We already have a plan layed out, but I am curious to know how you would optimize it, if anyone have done it in the past, what errors to try to avoid, and smart strategies to follow during the deal.

I can't disclose too much now because the deal is still fresh, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter!

Thank you in advance.

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