Product Launch Strategy using Micro Influencers

My Strategy for Launching a new E-Commerce Brand

I've been developing product brands for a while and have been utilizing an ever evolving process for taking a brand new brand and scaling it in social media at scale using Micro Influencers and some specific product marketing features on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Here's how I launch new product brands:


I work with Micro Influencers because I can engage literally 10k+ Influencers for 3 months using a spokesperson contest and only have to pay one of them at the end of the contest. I run Facebook/Instagram Ads to target Influencers who actually have an interest in my products or niche and who are open to becoming my Spokesperson. I offer a contract of $2,500 to $5,000 which does a great job of getting lots of people clicking on my ads.

I'm able to acquire new Micro Influencers using these ads for as little as .34 cents each and for less than $4k can get over 10k of them to sign up and participate in my campaign.


As I mentioned, I use a point based system where Influencers earn points for doing things that provide value to my brand. I'll go over these in more detail in another section. In order to manage campaigns with over 10K micro influencers, you need specialized software and some custom API integrations with the social media platforms you want to utilize. You'll also need a few people on staff to respond to emails from Influencers who have specific questions. All in all, creating some automation in your campaign will help you get the most engagement out of your Influencers.


I split my campaign up into four stages. The first is the campaign set up phase. I take a month to make sure all my landing pages are set up, my content calendar is full for all social media channels, my Instagram Shoppable Posts are set up and my Facebook store operational my email automations are set up and each stage of the campaign is precisely mapped out and organized.

Once I start running ads to find Micro Influencers, I begin Stage Two, the "Open Enrollment" Stage. This is where Micro Influencers have enough time to sign up, create an account on my campaign landing page and take a few steps before they start earning points.

When all the Influencers have signed up and had a few weeks to complete the initial steps of enrolling in the campaign, it's time for them to start earning points. I'll go over this in a different article but there is a lot for them to do. The first month of the open contest is all about being in the top 75% of point earners to stay in the contest. Once a full month of open contest has concluded, the top 75% of point earners move on the next round. I do this for three full rounds. At the end of the last month, the Influencer with the most points wins the contract.


When Micro Influencers sign up for my campaign and I'm trying to launch a new product, there are a few very important things I want them to do in order to provide long term value for my new product brand. I'll go over these in more detail below:


The most Important thing I want my Influencers to do is to help me establish high account authority on the platforms that matter the most to my brand. For product marketing, these are the platform I care the most about:


Instagram Account Authority allows me to rank my posts in the Hashtag Search Results. When I post a "Shoppable Product Post", I want it to rank on Hashtag keywords my customers are searching for. For instance, if I'm selling Yoga Pants, I want my Shoppable product posts to rank at the top of the #YogaPants Hashtag where over 250K people an hour are looking at posts in that one Hashtag. These are consumers with very high purchase intent and because they don't have to leave my post to purchase my product, it results in a huge number of sales. I've actually ranked on this hashtag for a Yoga Apparel brand and that one Hashtag generated over $40k in sales in just 10 hours.

To build Account Authority on Instagram using Micro Influencers, I simply ask my Influencers to follow my account and start engaging with my posts to build authority. Because my Influencers are very active on Instagram and have been for years, their account authority helps build account authority for my account by proxy. I'm also able to generate 85-90% follower engagement because I start with a fresh Instagram account where all my new followers are Micro Influencers earning points for engaging with my content.

When your Instagram posts are ranked at the top of the Hashtag search results and show up in your Influencers feeds, they attract more organic followers which helps to further your accounts authority. This provides long term value as your content is more visible to the people who are actively looking for it.


Pinterest is infinitely valuable for product brands that appeal to women and mothers. I have my Influencers follow my Pinterest account and engage with my Product Pins to help drive more account authority. When you quantify these actions over thousands of Influencers, the combined effect on your accounts authority can drive massive gains in visibility and reach.


I love utilizing YouTube for Micro Influencer campaigns because I can have my Influencers purchase my products at a discount to earn points and then create product review videos, unboxing videos and niche specific videos about my products niche. This creates hundreds of videos that I can upload to my own YouTube channel, optimize for search and use to find consumers actively looking for my products in YouTube search. This also helps me become more visible in organic Google searches as well.

Another benefit of YouTube is the ability to use your Influencers as a way to monetize your channel by making them subscribe, watch videos and share your videos in social media to get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of video watch time. This can help you open another source of income from YouTube ad revenue.

To earn points, have your Influencers create videos, submit them to you, you optimize them and add them to your dedicated YouTube channel and then have the Influencers share their video submission in social media. Also have them subscribe to your channel, like, comment and share as many videos as they can to earn more points.


Merchant Account Optimization for Increased product search positioning

If you sell your products on Amazon, you can have your Influencers purchase your products by first searching for them on keywords you are already ranked on, finding your product, clicking on it and making a purchase. This tells Amazon that your product is more authoritative for that keyword and will rank you higher for it in their search results. This will drastically increase the number of sales you get organically on Amazon.


As your Influencers earn points, they will create content that will help drive product discoverability in some unique ways. here are a few other ways you can have your Influencers earn points:

  • Join and participate in your Facebook groups
  • Like your Facebook Page
  • Purchase your products
  • Create video reviews of your products
  • Create videos about your niche
  • Create and publish blog posts about your products on their own blogs
  • Tag your shoppable product in their own posts using "Shopping from Creators" on Instagram
  • Do a Shoutout for your Instagram account tagging your username in a post about your products that they create (to reach their followers)
  • Share your product posts on Facebook Messenger with their contacts who would be interested in them
  • Post your Affiliate product links in social media
  • Do Social Feed Takeovers where you have 10K+ Influencers all post the same image of your products on all their social media channels to blanket social media with your products


As your Micro Influencers create video content about your products and brand, you can take each one of these using some software and reformat them for time and orientation to be posted to all of the most popular social media platforms in the right format. This means one video can be posted to Facebook/Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts/Long format videos, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest Idea Pins/Standard Pins, LinkedIn (For B2B products) and so on. If you're able to generate 1500 Influencer created videos, you can turn those into 10k+ posts on all these social media channels where your customers can find them. This makes your brand instantly visible at scale and long term as these videos are always up attracting new views.


I hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can utilize Micro Influencers to help launch your product in social media at scale. If you have any questions feel free to ask away and I'll get back to you as time permits. Thanks

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