Shopify is shutting down my store. Is there anything I can do?

I have a store that I sell electronics and appliances in. Cell phones, laptops, washing machines, etc.

I was putting those products up on my site, and On march 9th I received a email saying that my shop payments were suspended until someone could review my account due to what I was selling. I informed them what I was exactly going to sell, and they said that I have to have authorization from the brand to sell them. I told them that I buy from authorized sellers and I have permission to sell the items online. They said I need to provide letters of authorization from the brands.

This was all my March 11th. Unfortunately at this point I have to leave the country and stop what I was doing to go and take care of and donate my liver to a family member who had cancer. It was my mistake that I didn't email them and let them know. But at the time I had bigger things on my mind. I came back in June, and on June 23rd I emailed them again saying that I had talked to my suppliers and they said they would provide the letters. They just wanted to know what to put on the letters so it would satisfy Shopify. I never received a reply.

Then on July 15th I get a email saying that my account is being terminated. I asked why and they said because I was not authorized to sell the items. I told them I emailed them and I was willing to provide what they wanted. Then I received a email today on the 18th saying they're going to follow through and terminate the account. I asked if they would extend the termination date so we could talk because it takes them 3 days to reply and from the 15th to the 19th isn't enough time to discuss anything when they can't communicate.

I've called customer service and they say they can't do anything. And there is no way I can talk to the other department, so all I can do it reply to the email and wait.

Up until this point I have never sold anything on my store. I wanted to make sure I was authorized and approved before doing so. I have just been taking time to build up the site.

If anyone knows anything I can do please help me. Thank you.

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