Starting my ecommerce journey again and would like some feedback/guidance.

Hey guys ! Have dabbled in ecommerce on/off in the past few years but did not succeed. My biggest obstacle is gaining traction/traffic in the beginning. Initially when I started I did some instagram marketing (organic) back when it was still feasible, it gained sales at the beginning but faltered after a while. Closed that website down and tried again on some other products with facebook/instagram ads but it was not profitable.

I'm starting again selling apparels at (feedback on website appreciated) ! and am wondering what is the best way to gain the initial traffic.

For those of you who have found success in your stores, I would like to humbly feed off your experience.

– What is the best way to gain traffic in the beginning of your journey? Paid or organic ?

As a newbie I find the biggest hurdle is actually having an actionable plan. Resources on the internet is vast but it can be overwhelming sometimes. Do you guys have any good sources/guides that you could link me up to, which has been helpful for you in growing your store ?

A big thank you in advance !

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