Would you be interested in a tool that automates Twitter direct messages?

First of all, I am not trying to sell you anything as I haven't built anything yet. Just looking for some market validation :).

However, as the title says, I would like to build a tool that automates Twitter dm's. The tool would allow you to find leads first, for example people who interact with a keyword or the followers of a certain account. Then after that you would be able to plug in those users and write a message that will be sent to all those users (with time in between the messages to avoid bot detection).

Possible use cases could be:
1) Messaging the followers of your own brand about a new offer (e.g. a coupon code for following you)
2) Messaging potential new customers about your product
3) Messaging Twitter influencers to offer them a cooperation

Would you be interested in such a tool? Or do you have any recommendations? Please let me know!

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