Zen Cart: Not sure what to think or do

Anyone know any contact email for the Zen Cart support forum? I was banned (no idea why), and I cannot move forward upgrading my cart without the support forum. The reason says "none given" and ban be lifted: "never." Anyone ever heard of such a thing? It is very disconcerting to have all of your business in a cart, where you cannot seek help if needed, nor given a reason or anything for being banned off their support forum.

Brief History:

I started a zen cart store around 2006. Since it is open source, if you have an issue or question, you need to go to the support forum. I made my account back when I opened my store, and I made the support forum account at the same time. My posts have always been benign, and about upgrading etc.

Now, a couple years ago I made a post (my last post made, mind you), seeking help upgrading from outdated cart software, and how best to go about upgrading it. The post maybe got 5 replies, one of them being a moderator (who incidentally is allowed to advertise all his help services on the forum) saying that agitating for other carts could get you banned. There was nothing in my post or anyone elses replies about any other cart software. I am baffled. I am perplexed, and I know this is silly, I am very sad! ><

I am one to always follow the rules, my store is just a simple little craft store of patterns I make. I do not know what to think, and I am sort of (petrified, or getting there) as my store is stuck in maintenance mode, my PHP is out of date, and I am just trying to get a handle on all of it and getting it all upgraded, and the only help I can get, is from a forum that banned me, giving me no reason, and the word "never" for the ban being lifted, harsh! ><

Thanks for listening. I am just freaking out a bit.

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