Conversion rate tanking, optmization not working

Hi, I run a golf clothing store and I used to consistently hit between 2-4% conversion rates. Now I average 0.5-2%. I've tried a lot of things to improve that rate (like 10% off first order, free delivery over a lower amount), but the rate isn't improving. For the last 30 days, add to cart (5.77%) and reached checkout (4.46%) percentages are high, but my conversion (1.72%) is so low.

I really don't know what to do, I've pulled enough levers regarding discounts and free deliveries which hasn't changed anything. I have lots of good social proof on my store in the form of reviews.

Shopify is telling me my site has a speed sore of 24 which is low, could that be it? It's never been slow for me when testing. I really don't know what to path to take.

Let me know if you want to check out my store in the comments.

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