EBAY: INCREASE in FINAL VALUE FEES: Extension of Authenticity Guarantee to the jewelry category

Hi Everyone, what are your thoughts?

Ebay today announced the extension of the Authenticity Guarantee to the Jewelry category. As a result, they are increasing the Final Value Fee (Commission) to 13% for sales up to $5,000 then 7% for any amount in excess of the initial $5,000. This rate is for sellers with a basic eBay store and plus. Effective Sept. 12th, 2022

This is the link to the official eBay website with more information.

My thoughts: As a seller, although the rate has merit and brings trust thus more potential sales, I believe the rate is still very high for sellers, specially professional jewelry resellers. 13% on a $5,000 fee equates to $650 which is pretty high for a single piece of item to be sold. Remember the 13% countes sales tax as the amount of the sale – another pain. As a new professional jewelry reseller, I think the $5,000 is a high threshold for sellers and the 7% is very high for thereafter. I feel and think though that they are slowly but surely squeezing every juice in this category out. Love to hear any thoughts you have.

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