Gym business, time for my friend to get a website

Hi, I am asking on behalf of a friend, I used to have a business 7-8 years back where one of our services was building websites but I lost touch with the market and all the current options ( We offered Magento, WP and Sitecore) so hoping some of you can guide me so I can help my friend out.

My friend builds customizable training gym racks, the product is pretty much a rack but a highly customizable one where price will vary a lot depending on the many options

– Height of rack

– Color

– Design options (logo, numbers, lazer cut, finishing)

– Bars (many different options here/variants)

– many different addons to the rack for training

and a bunch of other products like weights that can be added

Transaction would be through paypal***Edit

My friend ain't someone who is very technical, so I was hoping that options like Wix or others that were for non-techie have evolved or that there are new options on the market who don't require too much customization.

What would you suggest as the most viable option?

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