How to specify GTIN for Google Product Feed with “multipack” and “is_bundle” attributes?

I have a Google Shopping feed that is giving me warnings about not having unique GTIN values. I do in fact have multiple entries with the same GTIN, however, this is because one entry is the standalone single unit with the manufacturers GTIN, one entry is part of a merchant defined bundle with this same item and some other accessories, and another entry is part of a merchant defined multipack with 3 of the same item.

My understanding is that when creating a bundle I set the is_bundle attribute to true and then use the GTIN from the main item in the bundle. The same with the multipack attribute which takes a number specifying the number of units in the multipack, which also has the same GTIN as the single standalone unit already specified in the feed. When using multipack and is_bundle it seems there is no way to avoid duplicate GTIN values.

Am I misunderstanding something about multipack and is_bundle and the GTIN I should enter for these bundles and multipacks? Any help would be much appreciated.

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