Should I Add a Vape to my brand/compete with my friend?

My "friend" has a very successful sleep vape ecommerce store, and at the beginning of 2021 I got started on a nootropics brand. in feburary 2022 he told me that he was going to a nootropics vape. I was really hurt by this because he was intruding into my space, I had talked to him previously about starting a nootropics vape but he told me that it would be intruding into his space too much. But now I'm going to do the vape. I'm on the hunt for suppliers now.

My question is, is it wrong that I am doing this? He hurt me by choosing business over our friendship and hasn't made any attempt to mend the friendship. So would it be worth it for me to fully go ahead with the nootropics vape and compete with him? I'm already competing with him by both of us selling nootropics, but with the vape it would be completely selling the same product, just a different formula. I'd like to get a second opinion of this.

By the way his brand was originally a sleep brand selling sleep products but his sales started to decline and he said his "only option" was to add products that his competitors already had in order to succeed.

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