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Hey r/ecommerce ,

at the moment, our abandoned cart frequency is pretty high, and I really want to attack that and improve my conversion rate for my site. Rarely ANYONE recovers an abandoned cart even after we send the recovery email.

I have a feeling as to why this is happening; our shipping rates are ridiculous. Unfortunately, I have no way of doing anything about that as my boss has a history of payment issues with our shipping providers. Sometimes, when a customer is trying to buy a t-shirt for $30, shipping is upwards of $25 which in my opinion is astronomical.

Now, I don't know for sure that that is the issue, I can only look at the abandoned cart orders and make an estimate as to why these carts are being abandoned, but that seems to be a common factor. Like I said though, it is entirely out of my control. Are there any other factors that play into this that I should be considering that can improve the abandoned checkout rate? Our site is on Shopify if that helps. Also (kind of a dumb question) is it completely off-limits to just reach out to them and ask why they abandoned their cart, as a way of getting feedback from real customers?

I'm relatively new to this so please excuse me if it's a pretty basic question.

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