Dropshipping with lowest budget possible?

Hello guys, thank you for the amount of information you are sharing on this beautiful subreddit.

In the past weeks I’ve been following lots of online videos covering copywriting, facebook/ tik tok ads, store settings, product research methods and everything.

So basically, I’m ready to start a small one product store. My question is: is it possible to start with the lowest budget possible? I’m going to start shopify trial, buying the domain and I’m gonna create the videos and ad copies myself.

Should I offer free product copies in exchange for a share from instagram influencers or something organic until I can run some paid ads ?

Another question for you so I won’t open another topic- for non-US residents, how do you guys ship Chinese products in few days to the US,Canada ? I’m struggling finding out a common option as the initial shipping time is kind of high.

Thank you

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