Have you heard of the BOTS system?

Hey everyone! I recently came across this and I'm keen to hear what you think.

I spoke to entrepreneur, Robin Ansorge, founder of the BOTS system – I hadn’t heard about this until Robin explained it to me. It allows eCom stores to reliably scale to massive revenues by utilising a holistic benchmark-driven approach to creating marketing funnels.

It’s really fascinating if you’re interested in performance marketing and it uses the basics of bottleneck thinking. From what I’ve found not many people know about this so I wanted to share.

I would love to know your thoughts on this, if you’ve heard of it, or tried it.

So what exactly is Bottleneck Thinking?

It’s simple. You analyse problems as systems. For example; you have a product which consists of three different parts. If you have only two out of three parts then you cannot produce a single product. If you lack one step, you have an incomplete system.

Taking this approach, Robin thought ‘what parts does an ad consist of’, or ‘what parts are needed to create the landing page’, or ‘what parts are needed to create a funnel or a marketing campaign’. As a result, he came up with a set of deep performance marketing analytics and called it the BOTS System.

Apart from the fact this is an eCom marketing system that consistently generates results, there are a few distinct features that set it apart from how the majority of entrepreneurs view their marketing.

Mainly, the innovation here is twofold:

  1. Most people don’t treat their marketing funnels as complete systems and simply try to improve one area like website conversion rate or content click-through rate.
  2. Never before has there been a reputable guideline for how each element of this system should perform. Like, actual metric benchmarks for every core pillar that constitutes a funnel.

What came next?

Robin tested the Bottleneck thinking with an eCom startup. He partnered up with a young startup which sold pillows. He created ads, landing pages etc. and was able to scale this business from zero to over 10 million in revenue. 100,000 customers in Germany. Making it a huge market leading manufacturer. This confirmed to Robin that he actually had something that reliably works.

The BOTS system

So, as Robin correctly stated, there are six areas in the paid media system: product, brand, content, supply, traffic conversion, and CLTV. And he suggests that the better these six parts are built the more budget you can profitably spend on ads.

So he built an in-depth KPI master checklist which you use to measure a marketing system. And this helps you identify where the bottleneck is in the business.

You might have great copy and a visual, but maybe you’re not hitting the right target audience, this means that audience targeting is your bottleneck. Or if all the elements which make up the ad are amazing, but after people click on the ad they’re totally confused by a website, then the website is your bottleneck.

There is a lot more to BOTS, such as the ‘Perfect Product Checklist’, which measures the attributes the product needs to bring to the table to be well tailored to digital marketing channels.

And Robin gave me so many more insights and I transcribed the entire interview so if you want to read more then drop me a message and I’ll send the link over!

Thanks 🙂

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